The invention of capsules for the packaging of coffee, tea and infusions has been a true revolution for lovers of these beverages, as well as contributing to boosting the popularity of products with a long history. Capsule packaging, whether for coffee or infusions, has become one of the forms most appreciated by consumers. Capsule sealing is essential to prevent oxidation of the products, thus guaranteeing optimum freshness in each cup of coffee, tea or infusion, as well as in products from other sectors such as cosmetics and creams.

Specialized capsule packaging machinery plays a crucial role in this process, ensuring the quality and integrity of the packaged products.

The capsule format allows a wide variety of products to be packaged:

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Capsule filling machines, an ideal solution for different sectors

Packaging of food products with specific machines for coffee, tea and infusions.

Capsule packaging adapted for cosmetic and personal care products such as moisturizers, body milk, etc.

Rotary dosing and capsule filling machines

K2 and C2 SERIES

In the field of single-dose capsule packaging, we have developed two series of state-of-the-art machines: the K2 series and the C2 series, which offer exceptional solutions for different product typologies.

The K2 series is an innovative capsule packaging solution that stands out in the coffee industry for its efficiency and compatibility with capsules of well-known coffee brands. Among the most outstanding features are a precise dosing system and a high quality seal that guarantees optimum freshness of the packaged products.

The C2 series is designed for dosing, filling and packaging capsules in various sizes and capacities. It allows individual weight control per capsule in real time and is designed for easy format changeover. This series is ideal for packaging personal care products and in refillable container format.

Both the K2 and C2 series represent excellence in capsule packaging, ensuring the quality and integrity of the packaged products in each production cycle.

Serie K2 y serie C2 - INVpack

Production capacity up to 120 capsules per minute. Compatible with Nespresso, Lavazza, K-CUP and Dolce Gusto.

Production capacity up to 120 capsules per minute. Suitable for refillable and ReFill containers for cosmetic products.

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Rotary capsule packing machinery in action

Capsule packaging for cosmetic products

The C2 machine is equipped with industrial PC and touch screen, and features intermittent motion rotary technology for dosing and sealing up to 120 capsules per minute.

It is presented as a complete solution for packaging capsules or pods in refillable format, such as moisturizers. It is also adaptable to other types of products.

Packaging of coffee in capsules

The K2 machine becomes the best option when it comes to packaging coffee in capsule format, maintaining all the properties of the product both in freshness and aroma.

Configured to fill 2 capsules per cycle, it allows an easy format change for different capsule designs, models and materials.

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