Rotary machine ready to feed, fill and seal capsules


Equipped with industrial PC and touch screen. K2 model is indexed rotary machine ready to feed, fill and seal capsules. Up to 120 capsules per minute. Easy change over for different capsules design, types and materials: Nespresso, Lavazza, K-CUP (USA) and Dolce Gusto compatibles. In check weigher per capsule.

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Rotating plate by “servo” of intermittent movements. Production speed up to 120 capsules per minute. Configured for filling 2 capsules per cycle. Easy change of format by colours and program memory, for different designs, models and capsule materials: compatible Nespresso, Lavazza, K-CUP (USA) and Dolce Gusto.

It has 12 stations, in each of which the following operations carried out:

  • Capsule feeding. Lung of product with manual or automatic loading (optional)
  • Capsule presence control
  • Griding point, dosing and pressing station to ensure a good subsequent extraction product
  • Powder aspiration station (vacuum cleaner not included)
  • Aromas dosage
  • Nitrogen injection directly in the mill, dosing hopper and before sealing the lid. Avoiding in case of packaging coffee, the oxidation of coffee from the moment of griding to the capsule closing.
  • Individual weight control per capsule in real time, includes capsules out of programmed range rejection and weight records memory. This system is totally isolated from the machine, avoiding vibrations and interferences with it. Feedback system with dosing equipment (optional)
  • Rejection system: empty capsules, not sealed dosage error.
  • Capsule delivery system by pick & place. Arrangement for synchronism with secondary equipment.
  • More than 100 program recipes
  • Painted carbon steel frame (RAL 9007)
  • Electrical panel integrated in the frame
  • Industrial PC with 8” HMI B&R control panel
  • Synchronism with coffee mill, for feeding to the dosing system
  • The adjustment of the dosage is made from HMI panel independently for each track
  • The dosage range is ±2% with respect to the nominal volume
  • Parts in contact with the product manufactured in AISI316L

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