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Technical support

 Those who buy INVpack machines become part of the company

At INVpack we devote a large part of our resources to developing personalised and direct contact with all our customers.

We’re on the customer’s side, from the packaging line design during project management and from installation to maintenance. INVpack has all the necessary components to maintain machine efficiency, the human factor being the most important of these.

At INVpack we guarantee after-sale service during the machine’s entire life cycle. This is assisted by our specialists who advise on the most suitable use of the machine and on how to carry out the actions related to its preventative or corrective maintenance in any country in the world.

We guide you step by step

We guarantee telephone, email, remote connections and/or face-to-face service, with qualified personnel for both mechanical and electronic service. We guide the customer “Step by step” through any kind of challenge.