Stick pack


The stick pack packaging format is one of the most highly valued both by users for its practicality and by packaging companies in sectors such as food and pharmaceuticals, as it is a packaging with multiple qualities. Stick pack packaging is characterized by being one of the most versatile and lightest formats on the market.

It is developed in high production machines and compact measures with respect to other solutions, as the stick pack uses 33% less film, considerably reducing the use of material in its production, presenting itself as a more sustainable packaging.

Today it is considered, in some sectors, as a successful, modern, attractive, compact and simple packaging, giving relevance to the following concepts: easy to carry, takes up little space, practical, light, suitable for “on the go” and “take away” consumption.

It is worth highlighting the very good application of the product, as the user consumes practically 100% of it. With this we also avoid that the sachet, once used, goes into the environment with product remains that would contaminate it.

To pack the products in stick pack, it is necessary to use vertical packaging machinery. Discover our wide range of machinery to obtain high quality single-dose packaging.

The flexible single-dose stick pack format allows a wide variety of products to be packaged:

Producto líquido - INVpack


Producto pastoso - INVpack


Producto granulado - INVpack


Producto en polvo - INVpack



Stick pack packaging machine, a complete solution for different industries

Packaging of food products with specific machines to process coffee, sauces, sugars, etc.

Ensures a quality seal and maintains all properties when packaging medicines.

Packaging suitable for shampoo, gel, conditioner, creams or household care products.

Packaging of yoghurts, cheese spreads or butter while maintaining the characteristics of the product.

Packaging of products such as nutritional supplements or dietetic products with adapted machinery.

Vertical stick pack packaging machinery


For the packaging of single-dose products in stick pack format, we have manufactured and developed the BY3 EVO, SP and PH series for different types of products.

The BY3 EVO series is the best smallest solution in the stick industry. Among its new features are: an unwinder with integrated automatic alignment, splicing table and integrated coding system, among other features.

The SP series are flexible vertical packaging machines in stick pack format and have different models available depending on the production capacity and the width of the reel required.

The PH series developed for single dose stick pack packaging has a closed cabinet design, which allows the film to be protected from the environment.

As manufacturers of flexible single-dose packaging machinery, we strive to offer the most complete and adaptable solutions for each market and sector.

Maquinaria de envasado flexible vertical para stick pack - INVpack

The best small dimension solution in the stick pack industry.

Capable of working with a reel width up to 600 mm wide.

Capable of working with a reel width up to 900 mm wide.

Capable of working with a reel width up to 1200 mm wide.

Capable of working with a reel width up to 600 mm wide.

Capable of working with a reel width up to 900 mm wide

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Stick pack machinery in action

Stick pack packaging with integrated checkweighing for pharmaceuticals

The BY3 EVO vertical packaging machine is a complete solution for packaging pharmaceutical products, as it maintains the characteristics and properties of the product, complying with the required regulations.

Thanks to the improvements in its structure, the BY3 EVO model is a compact and cabinable machine that allows greater accessibility for maintenance.

Complete line for packaging coffee in stick packs

Another application for the BY3 EVO vertical packaging machine can be found in the coffee sector.

A complete vertical packaging line in stick pack compact and small dimensions, suitable for the dosing of powdered, granulated, pasty, solid or liquid products.

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