The best sachet machine suitable for dosing pasty, powder, granulated, solids, liquids , pharma, food, cosmetic products


The MVA machine series are suitable for preparing monodose sachet packaging. Intermittent motion technology guarantees high sealing quality especially suitable for technical films. The MVA9 model is a compact machine capable of working with reels up to 900 mm wide. One of the notable characteristics of the vertical machines is the space saving "footprint" versus other technical formations and sachet packaging.

Its INV-Easy design allows safe access to the different areas of the machine for easy cleaning and maintenance. Equipped with industrial PC, touch screen and servomotorized activation, it allows controlling the basic parameters of the machine such as pressure, temperature, sealing time and length of the sachet, assuring high quality sealing. It can operate with cadences of up to 70 cycles/min depending on the application. The MVA9 model is a VFFS multilane machine suitable for dosing powders, granules, solids, liquids and pasty products.

Application Sectors:

  • Food and beverages
  • Dairy
  • Pharma
  • Cosmetics
  • Chemicals

The MVA900 is suitable for packaging:

  • Coffee, powdered milk, sugar, spices, dietetics, sweeteners and the like
  • Sauces, dressings, honey, water, polín/flash and other liquid products
  • Vitamin complexes, nutritional supplements and dietary products
  • Shampoo, conditioner, gels, creams
  • Softeners for clothes, detergents and other household products

In addition, you can pack more than one product in one sachet, for example, instant soup, which includes dehydrated products or cereals with powdered milk. This model is very flexible in terms of format. It also allows "twin" type finishes with intermediate perforations, variants that can accommodate two different products, such as the sugar sachet and the teaspoon, shampoo and conditioner or strings of various sachets. It also allows different shape sachets, ideal for the cosmetics, food and beverage industries, as they provide surprising and very attractive finishes.