The best solution for packaging powder and granulated food and cosmetic in bagger format.


The VAMINI300 suitable fo making different types of bags. This mode is a compact machine capable of working with reels up to 650mm wide. This model can produce 35/40 bags/min in a space of les tan 3m2, depending on the application. One of the notable characteristics of vertical machiens is the optimization of production costs in productivity/m2.

Its INV-Easy design allows safe Access to the different areas of the machine for Easy cleaning and maitenance.

Equipped with industrial PC, touch screen and pneumatic and motorized activation, it allows controlling the basic parameters of the machine such as pressure, temperature, sealing time and length of teh bag, assuring high quality sealing. It can operate with cadences of up to 35 cycles/min depending on the application. The VAMINI300 model is a VFFS mutilane machine suitable for dosing powders, granulates and solid products.

Suitable for Packaging in different formats: Pillow bag or Gusset bag with or without eurohold.

Application sectors:

  • Food
  • Cosmetics
  • Chemicals

The VAMINI300 is suitable for Packaging: coffee, powdered milk, sugar, spices, dietetics, sweeteners and similar.

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