Stick pack

Is a format that has been evolving over the years due to the speed that is achieved with this type of machine and the saving of material versus other formats. It’s developed in high production machines and in contained measurements, compared to other solutions. Cost savings are high for spaces with controlled environmental conditions. Nowadays it is considered, in some sectors, as modern, attractive and simple packaging which is also compact and relevant to the concepts of: being easy to carry, taking up little space, being practical, fast, and suitable for “on the go” consumption. All these qualities make it an ideal format in the new developments in the dairy, pharma, food and drink industries, as it adapts very well to current needs. It is worth noting the excellent application of the product, as the user consumes practically 100% of it. With this we avoid environmental pollution from product residue after the packet has been used.

Packaging solutions in stick pack for the food, dairy, pharma and cosmetic sectors.