What is a SACHET, how is it made, and what can it contain?

Learn about the features of one of the most popular flexible SINGLE DOSE packaging formats in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Optimise your product and rely on a popular mode of packaging.

Allows to package pasty, liquid, powdered, granulated or solid

 INVpack’s MVA series machines  manufacture this four-side seal sachet. This series, in any reel width  (300 mm, 900 mm and 1,200 mm), provides high-quality sachet sealing, especially with three and four-layer technical films, with great efficiency and productivity. In addition, it can be integrated into secondary packaging equipment such as weighing, serialization (Track & Trace), boxing, palletizing, etc.

This is a very versatile packaging, and it can have different formats. One of them is the “twin" type, with intermediate perforations, i.e., variants that can contain two different products such as shampoo and hair conditioner, oil and vinegar, etc. It also allows strings of several sachets to be made.

We can also highlight that MVA machines also allows the design of the sachet to be adapted according to the needs of each product to be packaged; being ideal for cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical industries, as surprising and very attractive finishes can be achieved (appealing for the consumer of the product).  

   Main features of SACHETS:

o   Versatile format (individual or “twin” 2-in-one type).

o   Square format (adaptable sizes).

o   Flat sachet with four welds.

o   SINGLE DOSE package.

o   Design option.

o   High-quality seal (hermetic).

o   Can be used for packaging pasty, liquid, powder, granulated and solid products.

o   Precise packaging of small quantities (savings of raw material).

o   Quality packaging at a competitive price.

o   A product ready to consume and easy to carry.

To see the process and start-up of one of the MVA series machines, click on the following video link for more details on how sachets are made: https://youtu.be/RZlad6t8FRQ

If you think this type of machine and packaging can be adapted to your product, do not hesitate to contact us and we will help you find the best solution. Every project is unique, and the goal of INVpack is to offer the most personalised attention possible, before, during and after the purchase.

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