Preserving the environment is a task in which everyone must participate. Fight for a sustainable future and bet on the use of recyclable materials. This must be the common goal, so let's go for it.

In INVpack as experts in stick pack and sachet packaging technology, we get to work so that our machines can pack with recycled film and achieve not only an eco-packaging but also comply with the 3R: reduce, recycle and reuse.

Our company has more than 20 years of experience in the packaging sector, more specifically in vertical packaging machinery; Therefore, we know that the film used in the packaging must not only meet aesthetic benefits but also hygiene, safety, quality and preservation of the product from the time it is packaged until it reaches the final consumer.

For this reason, we are working without haste, but without pause, collaborating with expert film companies, contributing with our knowledge to create a synergy that, together, allows us to achieve the expected result: prepare our machines (VFFS) to achieve flexible, safe, quality and totally ecological packaging.