Everything you need to get a perfect packaging

Each product is unique, with its own functionality and characteristics, so its packaging should also be exclusive and personalized.  It should comply with some basic requirements regarding both protection and format. Therefore, not only the choice of the film but also the machine to be used for packaging is important.

There are many aspects to take into account during the packaging process, but there are 5 basic keys to take into account for a successful stick pack or sachet type package:

1. The machine

Deciding which machine to purchase for packaging is one of the most important aspects, and this will depend on the product. One brand or model will not be valid for everything. Nevertheless, for optimum results in sachet or stick pack type packaging, vertical manufacturing and filling multi-track machines (VFFS) by INVpack are recommended.

Focused on several sectors such as food, pharma, dairy or cosmetics and prepared to package powder, granulate, liquid, pasty or solid products.

INVpack’s machines offer maximum performance, stability and hygiene. In addition, the models in each series (BY, SP, PH, MVA) vary according to the width of the reel, from 300 mm to 1200 mm, adapting to the needs of each client.

Check out the data sheets at www.invpack.com

2. The material

The material used to package in stick pack or sachet is film (reel) made of polyester, polyethene, aluminium, aluminized and/or paper, among others. With the possibility of using films with several layers and materials at the same time.  

To choose the best film, the main aspect to take into account is the product to be packaged. Yoghurt is not packaged the same as sugar. Therefore, it is  essential to know all the requirements and regulations regarding the product and choose the most appropriate film based on this information.

In INVpack, we can offer advice to find the film best adapted to your product and the machine.

3. Preservation and safety

It is highly important to protect, preserve and maintain the properties of the product in the package (avoiding its alteration). For this, as mentioned above, it is important to consider the material and a machine able to comply with the standards in question.

Once ready, the package must be clean, well-sealed, without leaks or smells. If, during the packaging process, tests are made on the packaging simulating the same environmental conditions as they will be subject to at their destination, a good result can be guaranteed. For this purpose, a laboratory/test bench can be used, with controlled temperature and humidity for checking quality.

In INVpack, we have our own laboratory for each client, so that they can test their product and the packaging.

4. Format

Format, together with design, is the most visual part of the packaging. Both stick pack and sachet can adapt the format to create original and attractive packaging, but also practical and with correct ergonomics, so that it can be handled simply and comfortably.

For successful results, it is important to consider the issue of format when choosing the machine.

5. Design

An original and creative design will make your brand stand out from competitors on the pharmacy or supermarket shelves, among others.

An image is worth more than a thousand words, so the text, colours, font and, of course, creativity, is fundamental. It is indispensable to include the company logo to be in the consumers’ top of mind in a not too distant future.

These are the five keys to keep in mind if you want to be successful with packaging. INVpack has a team of professionals who can offer you advice to find the optimal solution throughout the process.


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