The sachet is one of the most popular single-dose flexible packaging in different industries such as food or cosmetics, due to its practicality and functionality. It consists of a sachet with 4 seals with different capacities to pack any product while maintaining all its properties, aroma and flavour. In addition, it offers endless applications and customization possibilities in terms of design to promote the brand, choice of materials and finishes.

To achieve efficient results and optimize production capacity, we use vertical packaging machinery to produce single-dose sachets.

The flexible single-dose sachet format allows a wide variety of products to be packaged:

Producto líquido - INVpack


Producto pastoso - INVpack


Producto granulado - INVpack


Producto en polvo - INVpack



Sachet packaging machine, an ideal solution for different industries

Packaging of food products with specific machines to process coffee, sauces, sugars, etc.

Ensures a quality seal and maintains all properties when packaging medicines.

Packaging suitable for shampoo, gel, conditioner, creams or household care products.

Packaging of yoghurts, cheese spreads or butter while maintaining the characteristics of the product.

Packaging of products such as nutritional supplements or dietetic products with adapted machinery.

Vertical sachet packaging machinery


As a manufacturer of single-dose packaging machinery, we have developed the MVA series for the sachet packaging of products.

The MVA series in any of its reel width models, is a series that provides sachets with a high-quality seal, especially with technical films of three and four layers, high efficiency and productivity.

It allows the possibility of making “twin” type finishes with intermediate perforations, variants that can hold two different products, such as sugar sachets and teaspoons or shampoo and conditioner or strings of several sachets. It is also possible to produce shaped sachets, ideal for the cosmetics, food and beverage industries, as they can obtain surprising and very attractive finishes.

The MVA vertical packaging machinery can be integrated with secondary packaging equipment such as cartoners or stabilo.

Capable of working with a reel width up to 400 mm wide.

Capable of working with a reel width up to 900 mm wide.

Capable of working with a reel width up to 1200 mm wide.

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MVA series for sachet packaging in action

Sachet packaging of cosmetic products

One example as a packaging machine manufacturer is the development of the MVA12 machine for packaging hand sanitizing gel in sachet format.

This model is suitable for working with reels up to 1200 mm wide and, thanks to the intermittent motion technology, guarantees high quality seals, especially recommended for technical films.

Sachet packaging of food products

The MVA4 EVO sachet packaging machine provides the best small size solution in the sachet industry.

It is suitable for packaging powdered products such as powdered milk, chocolate, flour, etc. It can also pack granular products such as sugar, spices, dietetics, as well as sauces and dressings, honey or even vitamin complexes, nutritional supplements and dietetic products.

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