Customer care

Sales Network

At INVpack we have an Area Managers team assigned to each geographical area who, along with each area’s representative, are in contact with clients to analyse requests, make a project offer and coordinate the required solutions.

INVpack is always close to the customer.

After-Sales Service

At INVpack, we guarantee after-sale service during the machine’s entire life cycle. This is assisted by our specialists who advise on the most suitable use of the machine and on how to carry out the actions related to its ordinary and extraordinary maintenance.

We guarantee telephone, e-mail, remote and/or face-to-face services in various languages with qualified personnel in both the mechanical and electronic sections, who will guide the customer “step-by-step” in the event of any difficulty.

INVpack has an automated warehouse with thousands of references in stock and a highly qualified and specialised technical team.

Technical assistance can vary from phone calls to direct and fast intervention with the client. Our activities also include perfect installation of machines and training of personnel in charge in the client’s premises, to achieve the best results of each system.


The remote assistance service allows the technical team to connect with clients and provide efficient technical assistance. With this system, INVpack’s technical team can have a general idea of the state of the system “in real time” and identify the best solution in possible situations. This service guarantees efficient communication, fast responses and cost savings.


Qualified and trained operators play a key role in good system management. INVpack is prepared to provide general or specialised training sessions during initiation activities, in both the client’s premises and INVpack’s facilities. An investment in training is an investment in the increase of productivity, general system effectiveness, decrease in the time of inactivity and minimisation of costs. Training programmes can be offered in groups based on previously programmed training, or specific courses can be carried out for an individual client’s specific needs.


INVpack has an automated warehouse with thousands of references in stock, ready to send and deliver as quickly as possible. It works closely with a highly qualified and specialised technical team that provides complete solutions to possible critical situations.

The automated warehouse provides a safe management of the inventory, based on the optimisation of the reduction of inactivity time, guaranteeing the availability of spare parts to satisfy even the most unexpected needs. Our after-sales specialists provide their extensive experience, identifying spare part codes, preparing spare parts offers and managing orders. INVpack’s after-sales department can provide minimum supply of spare parts packages that must be kept on the client’s premises. These spare parts can be used both during periodic preventive maintenance and in case of requiring a specific component.

INVpack has developed an internal stock of spare parts to serve the client’s needs as fast as possible.